Monday, August 4, 2008

#28. Memorize the US Presidents

I did it! I can totally say all of the US Presidents (last names only - let's not get crazy) in order from (1) Washington to (43) Bush. I had been working on them for a while and pretty much had them all up until the McKinley at the beginning of the 20th centry. Then I could also do the end from Kennedy up until the current Bush. For some reason I had a mental block on those middle guys. They all kind of look the same to me. There's nothing that really distinguishes each of them from one another for me. I'm sure that for those presidential historians out there, that's probably blasphemous, but I'm no presidential historian (thank goodness!)

The last time I memorized the presidents, I was in middle school and there were only 40 presidents. I'm getting old!

So, here they are (I'm not looking at anything, I swear! In fact, the next time you see me, challenge me and I'll spew them all out from memory right in front of you. I dare you!):

1. Washington
2. Adams
3. Jefferson
4. Madison
5. Monroe
6. John Quincy Adams
7. Jackson
8. Van Buren
9. Harrison
10. Tyler
11. Polk
12. Taylor
13. Fillmore
14. Pierce
15. Buchanan
16. Lincoln
17. Johnson
18. Grant
19. Hayes
20. Garfield
21. Arthur
22. Cleveland
23. Harrison
24. Cleveland
25. McKinley
26. Roosevelt
27. Taft
28. Wilson
29. Harding
30. Coolidge
31. Hoover
32. Roosevelt
33. Truman
34. Eisenhower
35. Kennedy
36. Johnson
37. Nixon
38. Ford
39. Carter
40. Reagan
41. Bush
42. Clinton
43. Bush


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