Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just hours and counting!

So, the surgery is tomorrow! When I scheduled it (about 45 days ago or so), it seemed a long way off. Now it's a mere 16 hours away! Yikes! I have to be to the hospital at 6 AM where they will run some blood tests to make sure I'm in good working order biologically. They are scheduled to roll me into that freezing room at 8 AM where the man with the good knock out drugs will put me to sleep. When I asked the PS (Plastic surgeon) how long it would take, he said anywhere from 4 - 6 hours. Here's to hoping he's had a good night's sleep!

My mom is currently on her way down to my house. We are supposed to have a bit of dinner and I'm going to have her take some before pictures so that I can post them here. The nurses told me not to be concerned when I wake up because I will be bandaged up pretty good and it may look like they haven't done anything. THAT would be awful!

Thank you to everyone who has sent me good wishes and told me that they would keep me in their prayers. I truly appreciate it.

I'll keep you posted and look forward to sharing more with you later.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I've been QUITE busy!

I've been quite busy the last few weeks. I apologize profusely for being so lax about updating my blog, but I've been able to get another 4 items crossed off my list! Woohoo.

(#65) As previously advertised, I entered and participated in a Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament on Friday, May 5th. Unfortunately I was only about to make it through the first hour. The blinds progress especially quickly and in order to proceed to have to be EXTREMELY lucky. While I had several high pocket pairs and was able to keep my chip stack up a bit early on, it had dwindled down pretty low when I decided to go all in. I had A4 of Clubs. My all in caused everyone else to fold except for one woman who chose to call me with 68 of Clubs. (Who calls with that hand?) As they say, any two cards can win and she ended up beating me with 2 pair. Go figure. Oh well. It was definitely a worthy pursuit and something I'll most likely do again in the future.

OH! The craziest thing about the event was that participants were seated randomly by a computer. Troy participated in the morning session (10 AM - 4 PM) and I participated in the evening (6 PM - 12 AM). There were about 90+ participants in each round and the tables each sat a maximum of 10 participants. The odds of it happening are crazy, but Troy and I were both seated in the exact same seat (Table 9, Seat 1) for our respective sessions. I can't explain how it happened. Our last names aren't the same. We didn't register at the same time. It's just a very odd coincidence!

(#75) Troy had participated in the morning poker session and, unfortunately, was not able to keep up with the blinds. It doesn't help when you get crap cards! So, since we had taken the whole day off of work, we decided to make lemonade out of lemons when he got put out. With a Friday afternoon all to ourselves, we decided to go see a movie. He was completely amped about the new "Iron Man" movie. While I have definitely see my fair share of testosterone flix, I wasn't quite in the mood for one that day. Remembering #75 on my list (Go to a movie alone), I suggested we each choose our own film to see. This was an amazing stroke of genius. It just so happened that "Iron Man" started a few minutes before "Made of Honor" and ended a few minutes after it. Perfect! While the movie itself was ok, (why would a woman remain friends with a man who is such a chauvenist pig?) at least I got to cross it off of my list!

(#69) Technically I think I've now completed #69 (Sell at least one photo that I've taken). My friend, Elaine, hired me to be the photographer for her parents' 50th Anniversary party on Saturday, May 10th, 2008. Although the actual event was held in the gym/cafeteria of a church in Lebanon, IN (read bad flourescent lighting), the day outside was sunny and beautiful and there was a cute little courtyard with benches that was perfect for photographing the family in posed group shots. Once the guests arrived, I tried to capture most of the family members and friends in candids inside. Despite the poor lighting conditions, I think they turned out quite well. I've forwarde the link to Elaine and now I'm just waiting for them to order their prints. While they aren't technically paid for yet, I'm considering this item officially crossed off the list.

(#51) Let's just say I'm doing my fair share to stimulate the economy lately! When I put #51 on my list (Buy a GPS system or Autocomm system for Troy and me), it was really just a pipe dream. But the list is a dangerous thing! ....Rob a bank?!? I HAD to! It was on the list!....That sort of thing, you know! ... So, when Troy told me that the Garmin Zumo 450 was on sale on for $429.99, I had to jump on it! It usually sells for over $700 and, besides, it was on the list! The Zumo 450 is a GPS system made especially for motorcycle users, so it's perfect! It has a touch screen that you can even use while wearing gloves and it comes with a special motorcycle handlebar mount. It arrived within just a day or so and after a bit of frustrated hair-pulling, I finally figured the silly thing out. (The instructions only come on DVD and require a computer to view them. When you don't have a computer in front of you, that is a VERY frustrating thing!) Now I'm just looking forward to getting to try it out this summer! Destination? Unknown!

And finally....(#33) With my surgery mere days away, I thought it was definitely time to cross #33 off of my list (Draw up a will). With the help of a credit card and some online software, I was able to draw up a professionally drafted will in about 30 minutes. It helps that I don't have that many assets or potential heirs. If I had children it probably would have taken much longer as well. As the surgery approaches, I feel a bit better knowing that at least some of my wishes are written down and legally binding.

Monday, May 5, 2008

As requested by Kieron...

#72 on the new 101 list is:

#72. Buy flowers once every month.


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