Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Auction Acumen!

I've always been interested in auctions. I don't know if it's the bargain hunter in me or the furniture fanatic (my house would be overrun by chests of draws, chairs and shelves if I didn't keep it in check) that has always enjoyed the pursuit of a wonderful piece at a bargain basement price.

On Saturday, Troy and I were conducting a couple of mystery shops out of town and decided to keep ourselves busy between the engagements by checking out the estate sale that they were having at the local county fairgrounds. They had everything there from bedroom furniture to benches, tables to school desks. It was great! I guess I got caught up in the enthusiasm of it all since prices were so cheap and I ended up purchasing two chairs for my front room!

A word to the wise: These auctions move fast and you had better pay attention or you could be buying more than you bargained for. I thought that I had bid $30 for the SET of two chairs. What I had agreed to instead was $30 EACH. While it was a mistake, $30 each for the chairs was still a bargain and it could have been a MUCH more costly lesson to learn.

I fear I could have walked out of there with more furniture than my house can handle. Luckily for me, I was limited to the capacity of my little four-door Mercury Mystique.

Next time.....a VAN!

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