Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yes, we did, Indiana!

Yeah, Indiana! We did it! We voted Democrat in 2008! We helped to elect the first black United States President! As Tom Brokaw commented on the Today Show yesterday morning, we chose "hope over fear". We've come a long way since Indiana was a hotbed for the KKK. And thank God for that!

I know that many of my friends, relative and neighbors don't agree with me and my choice. I know that the news commentators are saying how difficult the road ahead is for President-elect Obama (as well as for ourselves). But for the first time in a LONG time, I feel hopeful about the future of our country.

I think for too long we've been patronized and assumed to be idiots who are unable to make decisions. While I agree with that in some instances (the privatization of Social Security), I think we deserve more credit. I think we need to be challenged more. It's hard to show what we, as a people, are made of when we're led around by the hand (or nose ... or wallet). I think that it's time we were given some responsibility and accountability to make better decisions about our environment, economy and personal savings so that when REAL, dire challenges come our way we're prepared with knowledge of how to cope as well as a belief in ourselves and our abilities. Those times and challenges are upon us and we are woefully unprepared!

Obama spoke about sacrifices that are going to have to be made and I'm not sure that we heard him. Being told to make sacrifices does not make us happy. After all, telling people to turn down their heat and put on a sweater was part of the downfall of President Carter. My hope is that we will grow up and face these challenges head on. We can and should use our resourcefulness and knowledge to make changes locally that will have an impact locally. I pray for us and our leaders every day.


Anonymous said...


Well stated and an insightful observation on your part re: our need to be stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks as citizens. The best litmus test I can think of for genuine citizenship would be to ask ourselves, "Do I strive to cultivate the wisdom and attunement in my own life, and seek to encourage likewise in others, that would enable any of us to serve as president of the U.S. with honor, thrift, compassion, intelligence and humility?" We've got to establish a new basis for sustainable economic and social well-being that IS NOT based on simply consuming day in and day out. Here's to it. :-D


IndyLovelace said...

In follow up to Troy's point about sustainability, I've been on a journey with a friend of mine who is an environmental engineer. We talk about ways to reduce our own 'carbon' footprint in the world..and I've begun taking action at the individual level. Hmm, a good topic for my blog...I'll go there and write about it!

kieron said...

I'm glad you won't stop praying for Obama now that he's the PE. Please also pray for the unborn - their safety is my greatest concern given his recent victory.

Heather said...

I will certainly continue to pray for him as well as all others who are in positions of power. I also continue to pray for the continuation of our freedoms. Those freedoms include choices regarding my own body. I don't think supporting the freedom of choice for women can be construed as killing babies as I have heard many say it. At no point has he, or anyone else, said that a woman must have an abortion.

kieron said...

Your freedom is certainly important! Much of living life, to me, is about balancing conflicting interests.

The unborn baby inside you can't make it's own "choices" regarding it's body. I just hope that fewer women chose to kill it.


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