Monday, January 16, 2012

Welcome 2012?

So, it's 2012.  The NEW year.  It the time of year when we find ourselves surrounded by fresh, blank calenders just waiting to be filled, time spent (at least briefly) working on our resolutions to make our selves thinner, healthier, financially more secure and just plain happier.  We've put away the Christmas decorations, made lists of all the things we're going to accomplish this year and reassured ourselves that 2012 is gonna be the best one yet!  Right?

.............Well, I gotta say.  I'm just not feelin' it.

I feel like in past years I've made (and broken) all of the resolutions to make myself over from head to toe.  I've sworn that by summer, my bod would be ready for the beach, my house would be in pristine condition, my bank account would be filled to overflowing and my love life would be the envy of women the world over.

And yet here I find myself.

As I contemplate participating in the Mini Marathon on May 5th, I realize that while I was never in fabulous shape, this is the furthest my body has ever been from being ready for a long-distance event!  There are bulges and bits sticking out everywhere and there's no WAY I'm looking cute in running clothes any time soon!  The saddest part is that while I'm aware that there are just over 100 days until the race, on most days, the most I can force myself to do is spend 30 minutes or so taking the dog for a brisk walk.  The mere thought of actually jogging for 13.1 miles in FRONT of people in 100 days has be breaking out in hives.

Despite getting brand spanking new floors in my bedroom, my house feels like it's in a constant state of chaos wavering on complete anarchy.  When I put in the new floors, I decided to ditch my bed frame since I hate it, so I'm sporting the oh so cool "box springs and mattress on the floor" look circa early 90s.  I haven't found a replacement frame or been inspired by what I might replace the bed frame with, so there it sits.  On the ground.  Oh.  And did I mention that in moving the bed, I discovered that the structure of the box springs are cracked so it needs to be replaced?  Fabulous!

That brings me to my money woes.  Not only do I hate my current bed frame, I don't have any money to replace it.  Yeah.  It's great.  Each month, there seems to be more going out than coming in.  I'm not an extravagant spender, so I'm not sure how to fix this problem just yet.

Finally, there is my sad excuse for a love live.  Currently I like to think of it more as a desert wasteland.  According to my friends, I'm "a really great person" but according to members of the opposite sex who might be available for a date, I don't exist.  I often joke that I could stand naked next to a beautiful woman and the only response I would hear would be, "Hey!  Who's that girl next to the naked girl?!"  I do not exaggerate!  In the past 6 months, the only nibbles I have had have been from a man who lives about 3 hours away (I'm not interested in a man I only get to see once every 2 or 3 months) and a man (I use the term loosely) who I met on EHarmony that kept asking when we were gonna "hang out".  Perhaps I'm a bit too picky and maybe things are different than they were 8 years ago when I met Troy and started dating him, but is it too much to be asked out on a proper date more than 2 days in advance?  All I'm asking for is a bit of effort, planning and a smidge of chivalry.

So, maybe 2012 will be the best year yet.  I would LOVE to see that!

Or maybe the Mayans are right and we'll just be put out of our misery come December.

Whatever the case may be, today, I'm just not feeling the "Happy New Year" spirit yet.

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