Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Life lessons from Doctor Who

I've recently been enjoying watching the rebirth of the british television series Doctor Who introduced to me by a friend at work. I noticed an uptick in Doctor Who apparel this year at GenCon and I wondered what all the fuss was about. This friend is a big fan of the series and he's graciously shared his DVD collection of the series with me. So each weekday afternoon, I heat up my lunch, grab my DVD and sit down for an episode of The Doctor.

I was a bit unsure in the very early stages, but I have to admit that Christopher Eccleston drew me in as my first Doctor.  When David Tennant took over at the end of Season 1 (the Doctor doesn't ever die. He just regenerates), I was crushed and swore my eternal allegiance to CE, but now I love DT.  Sigh. A girl can be fickle, right?

Along with the Doctor, there are also the Doctor's companions. The first companion that I was introduced to was Rose Tyler. She was a somewhat simple shopgirl from London. She was fun, but a tad clingy and always dumping her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Micky, whenever the Doctor glanced in her general direction. She ended her run with the Doctor scratching and clawing trying to get back to him, essentially.

His next companion was Martha Jones, a medical student and a woman with her own mind. Her run with the Doctor only lasted one season with him and I most definitely related to her closing lines as she left the Doctor standing in his Tardis setting out on his next adventure:

Martha Jones:   I spent a lot of time with you thinking I was second best, but you know what? I AM good.... Are you gonna be all right?

Doctor Who:      Always. Yeah.

Martha Jones:   Right then. Bye.

{leaves the Tardis. Returns a moment later} 

….’Cause the thing is….it’s like my friend Vicki. She lived with this bloke. Student housing. There were five of them all packed in and this bloke was called Shawn. And she loved him. She did. She COMPLETELY adored him. Spent all day long talking about him.

Doctor Who:      Is this going anywhere?

Martha Jones:   Yes! …’Cause he never looked at her twice. I mean, he liked her. That was it. And she wasted years pining after him. Years of her life. Because while he was around, she never looked at anyone else. And I told her…I always said to her…time and time again, I said, “Get. Out.” ......So this is me. Getting out.

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