Saturday, July 14, 2007

Life on the road

We are currently in West Bend, WI at the BMW MOA rally and having a great time. We left on Saturday, July 7th and took two days to mosy our way around Chicago and up through the middle of Illinois. From the reports other people made about the traffic and road construction in the Chicago area, it seems like we made the right choice to avoid it completely.

We've enjoyed some time on the road, some lovely weather and getting to know new friends and reconnect with some past rally friends.

Today is the last day of the rally and we are making sure to take full advantage of it. We've shopped the vendors, eaten ears of corn and scoops of custard to our hearts' content and filled our brains with TONS of new information in the seminars. Right now I am sitting in the communications hub of the rally where they have charging stations for our cell phones and a bank of laptop computers for us to get reconnected with the outside world.

Tomorrow morning, Troy and I will head back to good ol' Indiana and head back to work on Sunday. When we come to these things, it only reinforces how we really need to find some way to figure out how to get other people to pay us to ride. If anyone out there has any ideas, we are more than open to suggestions!

In the meantime, I'm taking lots of pictures and gathering a plethora of great stories with which to amuse you all upon our returns.

Until then, I bid you a fond farewell and look forward to seeing you all soon.

Take care!

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