Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I (heart) Facebook....and

So, I'm still in nostalgia mode, apparently, but it's been great! I don't know how we ever got along without Google, Facebook and In the last week, I have been able to reconnect with a former teacher, several friends from grade school and high school and even a very good friend from college. Crazy!

Even crazier is when one of my friends from high school emailed me and asked what I've been doing for the last 16 years. How is that even possible? Has that much time really passed since I've seen many of these people? That's 5,840 day; 140,160 hours! I could have completed 5 101 Lists in that amount of time!!!

I have to admit it does make me freak out a bit. I'm always worried that I'm not accomplishing enough. That my life is just passing me by. Somehow experiencing these blasts from the past make those feelings even more urgent.

How can the 80 or so years that most of us are given seem so long and yet a lifetime seem to go by so quickly?


kieron said...

have you gone to any HS reunions? After I got on, I went to my first one (20 years). It was really weird to see everyone, but fun to reconnect with a couple friends.

Terri said...

Hey Heather! You'll have to check out my blog, I tagged you by the way!

Terri said...

Hey Heather! Check out my blog and by the way I tagged you!


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