Monday, March 3, 2008

Workouts - 35% Complete

An update on the progress of my 500 Workouts (AKA, I love my statistics!):

With a mere 499 days left, I have completed only 35% or 175/500-30 minute workouts. That means that I have averaged 1 workout every 2.8 days. That is most certainly NOT going to get me to my goal. On an annual basis, at least I'm heading in the right direction. During 2006, I completed a mere 19 workouts in 75 days. That means I averaged about 1 workout for every 4 days! For 2007, I finished 130 workouts in 365 days. Still not a stellar performance at 2.8 days for each workout, but at least it's not dropping. For 2008, I still need to step it up. I've completed 25 workouts in the last 60 days.

During those 175 workouts, I have spent the majority of the time either on the treadmill or in a step class (54 and 50, respectively). My other favorite machines are the elliptical trainer with 23 sessions and the bike (either inside or outside) for a total of 25. Rounding out the 175 sessions are weightlifting, Taebo and walking or running outside.

I've spent 6,392 minutes or 106.50 hours exercising for an average workout of 36.5 minutes. I've burned approximately 64,750 calories, which should have translated to a weight loss of 18.50 lbs. It hasn't.

If I workout once a day every day until I have completed the 500, I will be finished by January 21, 2009. Now let's not get crazy. I'm an over-achiever, but there's no need to rush this!

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