Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I seriously have the cutest dog ever! I might be a bit biased, but not much. ;-) This video was taken the other night on my cell phone (hence the poor quality). It's Troy and Sasha playing their favorite game of "fetch". Troy spins the tug around his body while she chases it. It's funny to see her really turn on the speed when she gets close enough to catch it. Troy discovered this is a great game to play because while she gets exhausted, he doesn't. When a puppy has as much energy as she does, this is a good thing!
Last Tuesday Sasha and I had our first obedience class. There were 4 dogs total in the class including one of her litter mates that the family (mom, dad and 2 boys) named Ginger. She's adorable and somehow even more wriggly than Sasha. They've had her 2 weeks fewer than I've had Sasha so they haven't worked with her on obedience much yet. I sometimes get frustrated that Sasha isn't learning things as fast as I would like, but it was amazing to see that all of my hard work really has paid off so far. She was a star pupil. She knew her name, focused on me even when there was an intentional distraction from the instructor and didn't jump up. Yeah! She also knows that if she wants ANYTHING (food, to go outside, love, to play, etc) she has to, at a minimum, sit. That was our assignment for this last week and I was thrilled that she already knew that one! Sweet. This week we learn "leave it". I can't WAIT for this one. Perhaps then when she grabs my dirty socks or wants to chew on yet ANOTHER stick, I can dissuade her more easily. Wish me luck!

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