Friday, January 2, 2009

Life just ain't fair, huh?

Warning: Sasha update

I've decided that since Sasha spends so much of her time alone at home during the day, I'm gonna try to take her to doggy daycare twice a week. There happens to be one not too far from my house, so we made an appointment for an evaluation and went to check it out today. The evaluation consists of basically watching her interact with the other dogs for about 2 hours.

We showed up at the daycare at about 9 this morning. After checking to make sure all of her vaccinations were up to date, the owner of the facility let Sasha into the area where the other dogs were. There were about 7 other dogs and she was practically bombarded when she entered. There was a lot of sniffing and drooling. Within 5 minutes, she was practically drenched with doggy slobber. EWWWW. About 10 minutes, the excitement about her died down. Apparently they decided she was okay, so they all went back to drinking, playing and sniffing each other. She wasn't sure what to make of things, so for a while, she just tried to jump up the wall that I was standing on the other side of. Finally, she decided playing with the other dogs was great fun. I stayed for about 2 hours and I don't think she stopped running and playing with the other dogs the whole time.

I decided to take advantage of her day at the daycare to get some errands done. I left her there for the rest of the afternoon and when I came back around 5:45, she was the last dog still there. Apparently there had been a mass exodus just before I got there. I asked the doggy attendant how she did and she gave a glowing review. She said that all the dogs FINALLY laid down for about 20 minutes at 4:00 PM. That means that she had played for nearly 7 hours. I knew she would be exhausted when she got home, but it was nearly all she could do to crawl on the couch. When we got home, she fell asleep from about 6:30 until around 11:45 PM. She was practically in a coma. Doggy daycare is a good thing!

In the midst of her napping, Troy came over to visit us for the evening and decided to lay down on the couch. At some point, Sasha thought the crook of Troy's arm would make a lovely bed. This is so not fair! She is my dog and she never lays on me like that. I thought for sure that she would just get up and lick his face, lay down for a second and then get right back down. NOOOOO. She laid down for about another 20 minutes right there on his chest. I'm so jealous. I pay for the exhausting doggy day care. I feed her and make sure she gets walked at all hours of the night. I make sure she has a comfortable place to live and sleep and toys aplenty to play with. But do I get the premium doggy lovins? Nope. Par for the course, right? Mommy's home all day with the kids and yet when Daddy gets home, let the excitement begin. Being a doggy mommy is a thankless job.

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