Thursday, March 5, 2009

Who knew I was such a trendsetter?

In order to save money, I usually "brown bag" it with soup for my lunch at work. Today, I decided to splurge and went down to the Subway sandwich shop in the lobby of my building. Since Subway is running their special $5 Footlong (go ahead....I'll wait while you sing the song in your head) sandwiches on ALL of the subs now, I decided to branch out from my normal chicken breast sandwich. After browsing the menu, I thought that the seafood sub sounded pretty good. I realize it's not the healthiest choice, but a girl has to indulge every now and then and I haven't had one of those in probably 10 years. I proceeded to the counter and ordered my sandwich on the Honey Oat bread. Then the guy behind me approached the counter and said, "Yeah... That sounds good. I want the same thing." I didn't really think much of it until the guy behind HIM ordered the same thing as well. I'm guessing this location hasn't sold that many seafood sandwiches in a long time. I knew I was cool, but who knew I was such a trendsetter?

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