Friday, November 6, 2009

Fabulous Friday Finds - Coupon(ing)

Ok, I'm sure I'm nearly the last person on Earth that doesn't do this, but I have discovered couponing. I'll wait while you stop rolling your eyes and laughing hysterically at me.

Don't worry. I have time.

Anyway, when I was in high school, my part-time job was as a cashier at a local grocery store. I wasn't running my own household at the time and sometimes would roll MY eyes when my mom would ask me if something, like hamburger, was on sale. What did I know? I was a teenage girl. Who has time to pay attention to those things when there are cute bag boys to flirt with? What I did sometimes pay attention to and notice were those women that came to my lane with their massive carts of groceries and saved a LOT of money when they used coupons. I used to wonder why everyone didn't use them!

Then I grew up, went to college, graduated and started making a little money. All of those coupon savings suddenly vanished out of my mind. I think I figured that grocery store coupons were really only good to use if you had a family to feed. No family = no need for coupons, right? Apparently wrong.

Lots of people have this couponing down to a science. Like the people at and (she even has a system you can use too!) I may not have the knowledge these women have built up, but I have something they DON'T have. I have a mom who works as the manager of the coupon department for a major grocery distributor. Sweet! One quick email to her and I had almost more information on the ins and out of coupons than I could have imagined.

So, over the next couple of months I'm gonna try out this coupon-clipping gig and set a goal for myself of spending no more than $75 a month on groceries. I'm hoping that includes all of the kitty/puppy food my little farm goes through. Wish me luck and let me know if you have any couponing strategies that work for you!

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IndyStacey said...

I shop with coupons and generally save about 20% off my total grocery bill. I clip coupons from the Thursday and Sunday paper. Whenever possible, I combine the store sales with coupons.

Also, when I shop online, I always Google for coupons for free shipping or discounts.


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