Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's one of those months.

Do you ever have one of those days (weeks/months/years)?

Those days when it seems all you touch turns to crap?
Those days when the only thing around the corner are more corners?
Those days when making the decision to get out of bed was clearly a mistake?

Oh yeah....it's been one of those days months.

It's been one of those months when I'm actually AFRAID to ask what else could go wrong...because it probably will.

A short list of:

The mundane

*  All I've wanted to do lately is sew.  Seriously.  I could be locked up in a room with fabric, a sewing machine and sewing supplies and I could be a happy camper for a LONG time.  Unfortunately because of the events of the last few weeks, there's not a whole lot of sewing going on at my house.  The machine just mocks me from the corner of the room.

*  Due to the amount of rain we've had and the fact that my "lawn service" is at college, my front yard has become a jungle.  The dandelions are so long they could be mistaken for small trees.  I feel like "that house" in the neighborhood and I'm certain the people who are trying to sell their house across the street are NOT pleased.

The annoying

*  I was a really smart kid growing up.  How is that a bad thing?  Because I never had to study in school.  Consequently when I got to college (when things matter!), I skimmed by with mostly Bs, some Cs and a smattering of As.  In the grand scheme of things that wouldn't seem so bad.  Except now I am paying the consequences of my slacking.  I have to spend time and money on continuing education credits to get letters behind my name in the form of a professional designation all because I got a C in a couple of classes in college instead of a B-.  The price tag:  about $2000.

*  My dog got a UTI and had to have her annual shots all at once.  The price tag has been over $300.

*  On Easter Sunday as I prepared to leave my parents' house (100+ miles from my house), my dad discovered a bubble in the sidewall of my tire.  After limping back home, I was told by the repair shop that because there was a ding in the rim of the tire, I must have hit something so the repair wouldn't be covered.  The price tag to replace the tire:  $100.

The catastrophic

* Apparently my electric company switched me to electronic billing and the bills went to my junk mail. I came home a week ago and the electricity had been turned off! Nothing remotely like this has ever happened to me. Yes, I should have kept track of WHICH bills I'd paid, but when a bill comes in, I pay it. End of story. ARGH The price tag: $300.

* I came home 4 weeks ago, started down the steps to my basement and was horrifed to discover no less than 5 inches of standing water.  There are fewer sights more blooding curdling.  The price tag:  I don't even want to think about it!!
So, while I would like to start enjoying my summer, instead, I will be ripping (moldy) drywall out of my basement dressed in attire resembling a hazmat suit.  I will also register (and pay for) and study for online courses this summer while the weather is gorgeous and the motorcycle riding should be good!
And don't get me started on all the ways I've failed my blog family.  I've been MIA for weeks.  (I SWEAR there some excellent posts floating around in my head!)  I was going to try to blog every day this month, but that seriously didn't happen!  I could say I'll try to do better, but don't they say to under promise and over deliver?
Maybe things will look better tomorrow, right?
I'm off to take some meds.


Gallery Juana said...

Dear me! I hope this means you've gotten all the bad happenings in at once and that you're good for rest of the year.

Motorcycle riding ... woot. I can't wait to hear about your coming summer travels.

Joan Young Spotswood said...

Girl.....I believe you have just endured the proverbial sh*t-storm...


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