Monday, August 20, 2007

100 workouts complete!!!!

Well, so far it hasn't been easy and sometimes it hasn't been fun, but I have successfully completed 100 of my 500 workouts! Because I love stats and numbers so much: A recap of my time spent sweating:

Modes of exercise:

Treadmill (Walking or running) 41 Times
Outside (Walking or running) 13 Times
Elliptical machine 16 Times
Stationary Bike 13 Times
Aerobic Step Class 16 Times
Taebo Workout tape 1 Time

Number of minutes spent working out: 3,708
Amount of real time spent working out: 61 Hours, 48 Minutes

Total # of calories burned: 38,336
Total # of pounds I should have lost: 10.95
Total # of pounds I've actually lost: I'm not actually sure, but I'm pretty sure it's NOT 11 pounds! (I'll find out for sure today at the nutritionist)

What 38,336 calories would get you:
Nearly 64 pieces of chocolate cake
31.5 8 oz bags of potato chips
348 cups of Kelloggs Red Berries cereal (a favorie of mine!)
1,420 cups of cherry tomatoes

That's a LOT of tomatoes!


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