Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Music is medicine for my soul

On Saturday evening I had the pleasure of attending a concert at the Vogue with two of my favorite men who are in my life - Troy and Patrick. Obviously my readers know who Troy is. Patrick is a great friend that lives down the street from me. We used to hang out all the time and have deep philosophical discussions while drinking beers. He's introduced me to a lot of great music and has really influenced my musical tastes.

The headliner for the concert was Dar Williams, whose music I was introduced to by Patrick. (Of course when I told him that and reminded him that he had one of her CDs, he said, "I do?" Later in the concert she played "Mercy of the Fallen" (http://darwilliams.net/music/audiofiles/BOTRclips/mercy.mp3one) and he said, "I need to get that song." I said, "You have it." Once again, "I do?"). I've always enjoyed her music, but somehow by seeing her live in concert (and sitting mere feet from her), I have even more of an appreciation for her as a songwriter, artist and woman. She's funny, seemingly natural on stage and can spin a great yarn.

As I sat there between my two favorite guys, I just marveled at how lucky I was. They are amazing friends and have both helped me to grow in ways I never imagined. It also occurred to me that for me, music is medicine. I try to keep my MP3 player (filled with music played by chicks with guitars, mostly) with me all the time. I can't imagine a motorcycle ride without those girls along. No matter what my mood or state of mind, I can find something to suit it and the music washes over me and helps to sooth my aching soul. There is a hole in my being that can only be adequately filled by thoughtful lyrics and a lilting melody.

So, thank you, Troy and Patrick, for joining me for an evening of healing. And thank you, Dar, for providing the cure.

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