Friday, September 26, 2008

Our amazing bodies

Tuesday marked 4 months since I had my surgery. I had an appointment with the PS on Monday and he basically cleared me. Since the surgery I have had regular follow-up visits with him. At first they were every week. Then it was every few weeks or so. Now I don't have to go back for 4 months! That's amazing.

I continue to be astounded by what our bodies are capable of. In the last few years I've experienced some major traumas and invasive procedures, yet my body continually renews and rebuilds itself. When I crashed the motorcycle and broke my arm (3 years ago already!), I thought the doctors and physical therapists who told me that in a few short months I would again lift, carry and write normally were crazy. But they were right! I crashed in October, got the pins out in November, finished physical therapy in December and by the beginning of February, I was about 90% recovered. Wow.

Before my breast reduction, I read the most people had returned to full regular activities within 6 months. They were running, swimming, carrying, etc. I thought that was crazy. But, here I am, 4 months post-op and have been riding my motorcycle since 6 weeks after the surgery, doing step-aerobics classes again and even been running. The scars continue to fade and my new chest has started to feel so normal to me that I forget what it was like before. I have to actually look at pictures pre- and post-op pictures to get a real feel for the difference. Perhaps this is why women who endure hours of painful childbirth go on to have even more children!

The major downside I've found to this amazing body is that it stubbornly resists my attempts to make it drop weight. Perhaps this is part of the traits that have been passed down from generation after generation of people who had to survive in hostile climates before me. Unfortunately (or fortunately actually), I don't have that problem. Food and, consequently, calories, are in abundance all around me. I don't have to wait on the winter living off of my stored fats. Perhaps I was just born in the wrong millenium. Cavemen would have been drooling over pin-ups of my genetic material!

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