Thursday, December 10, 2009

Things that are fun (when you are a kid)

Today the wind is blowing and the snow is starting to fall. The outside temperature is expected to feel like 8 degrees by 5 PM today. This brings to mind all those things winter things that seemed like great fun when you were a kid, but are definitely not so much fun as an adult.

* Snow days!

As a kid ---> Growing up in northern Indiana, these were always great fun. We would wake up early to listen for our school delay/closing on the radio (long before individual phone calls and text messages were sent out). This was always a trick since I went to a private school and just because all "Allen County Public Schools" were closed, that didn't mean we were included in that. When we had the day off, we would spend it bundled up in our warmest clothes and go sledding down at the park. We would go up and down that hill for HOURS! Then we would come back home, grab some hot chocolate and go back out. It was very fun. And even though it was probably really cold outside and I know our cheeks were very red when we came in, it didn't seem so cold.

As an adult ---> I'm not a teacher, so there is little to no chance that I will ever have a free day off because of snow. Even if we have snow, the policy is basically that you should be at work if you can get here. If you don't come to work, that's counted as a vacation day. There's no such thing as a free lunch, ya know! Somehow all that snow that was great for sledding is REALLY not so great for driving on. Or shoveling off of your driveway. And I have to disagree with global warming because now winters are REALLLLLYYY cold!

* Cookies! Candies! Sweets galore!

As a kid ---> The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is full of sweets and presents, plenty of food and lots of time to play.

As an adult ---> When you're an adult (and have been obese your whole life), the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is like a mine field. Every day there is a chance for you to nutritionally blow your foot off. Ugh. Working in an office makes it ten times worse. If there are usually treats in the company kitchen once a week on a regular basis, you can count on them being there 3 times a week during the holidays. It's best just to avoid the kitchen all together, I think.

* Gifts! Gifts! I {heart} Santa!

As a kid ---> What kid hasn't sat on Santa's lap wishing for a pony or a doll house or a model train. Christmas is all about the TOYS! I remember getting out the JCPenney catalog, turning to the toy section and drooling over all the pretty, shiny, plasticy toys. I dreamt they could all be mine. {sigh} And when you're a kid, that seems like it might actually happen. Even if that thought only lasts a moment.

As an adult ---> Perhaps I'm a Scrooge, but gift giving and getting has lost some of its appeal. Perhaps it's because I already feel overwhelmed by all of my possessions. Perhaps it's because finding that perfect gift for the one you love seems really difficult (given that you have a budget). Or unfortunately it's because all of those toys you want as an adult are a lot more expensive.

bah! Humbug!


Mommyof2girlz said...

So true! Especially the candy and cookie part..haha Thanks for stopping by today it was great to meet another motorcycle lovin lady :)

Christina Lee said...

haha when I was teaching I RELISHED snow days!

bluesky said...

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