Monday, March 12, 2007

Manual Transmission

While at the farm this weekend, I had my first opportunity to drive a manual transmission. We were just going a short distance down the road from the farm to check out a bit of forest area and Troy and his dad said there was no time like the present to do a bit of practice driving. The great thing about the country is that there isn't much of anyone around and there is LOTS of wide open space, so my chances of injuring someone were greatly reduced.

Troy gave me a very cursory explanation of the shift, clutch, gas and brake and I was off before we knew it. The explanation was only cursory because I understood the theory behind a manual transmission from my experience with driving my motorcycle. I actually only drove probably less than a mile down the road and ended up killing the engine when we stopped at our destination, but they both said that I did very well easing off of the clutch and finding the friction zone without jerking the truck all over the place. :-)

While I'm not gonna cross this one off of my list yet, I'm excited to at least have gotten a start on it!


kieron said...

In your posts, can you reference the # of the goal? So for this one, it would be "Manual Transmission - #6"

Heather said...

I actually do that on the posts where I have completed an item, but on this one I didn't do that cause I haven't actually completed it. I just started to learn. Once I feel like i've mastered it, then I'll make a new post and include the number.

kieron said...

Got it...I should have known there was method to your madness!


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