Monday, March 26, 2007

New List Item

So, many of you may have noticed that there was an empty space on my 101 list. When I wrote the original list, I assumed that my high school class would have a 15-year reunion and that I could try to suprise someone with something I've done, but, alas, they are not having such a gathering, so I had to remove it from the list. Up until now, I haven't been able to think of a suitable replacement for it. That has all changed now!

When I was 16 my mom tried to teach me to crochet. It was not pretty and there was MUCH wailing and gnashing of teeth at that time, but with a little patience and a LOT of time, I've since acquired some MAD crochet skills! I've completed some pot holders, scarves and several very nice afghans. Some of them using lettering and patterns I made up myself. (Pictures to follow) In my somewhat limited crochet career, I've found that most people are either crocheters or knitters. Someone who enjoys both can be found, but they are a rare breed, indeed. A friend of mine is a knitter and tried, QUITE unsuccessfully, to teach me to knit a few years back. It was not pretty!

Well, since then, I've apparently become more patient in my old age and she's been teaching knitting as a side job. So, we decided to give it another try. She suggested I find and "Easy" pattern at I chose the Stripey Strap bag, which is pink. (Gotta love pink!). Claire (my knitting friend) and I got together on Friday evening after our book club meeting and started the project. At first I didn't think it would go well, but after only a few days, I'm nearly 1/2 done! Woohoo. And I think it will look VERY cute when it's done.

So, now that I'm flush with confidence regarding knitting, I'm adding "Complete a knitting project that I can wear" to the empty spot on my list. I think that gives me just enough yarn to hang myself.

Wish me luck!

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