Thursday, March 8, 2007

#66. Win more than $25 in the monthly poker game

#66. Win more than $25 in the monthly poker game. - Completed January 4, 2007. So, back in October of 2005, I wrecked my motorcycle and broke my arm (a long, PAINFUL story) and so I couldn't attend my regular Wednesday evening bowling league. Instead, Troy invited me to join him at is monthly Texas Hold'em poker game. I'd seen it played on TV before and since it's not very much money ($10), I thought what the heck. At first I was QUITE intimidated since it was all guys and they had been playing as a group for several years. I made LOTS of rookie mistakes by playing hands I shouldn't have been in on and betting into other people with better hands when I did actually have some decent cards.

I took my hits for the first year or so. I just could NOT come out on the positive. The worst I ever did was lose $50, which was absolutely crushing to my little ego. But eventually, I could tell I was getting better at betting, judging when I should fold and not getting so nervous about EVERY hand. It was about that time that I latched onto this 101 list idea. As a test of my skills, I thought I would see if I could come out $25 ahead in the game. It was a feat I NEVER thought I would be able to accomplish.

At the end of 2006, our game host informed us that he would no longer be able to host the game and I volunteered to take over since I don't live too far from him. That first game at my house was in December of 2006. I spent so much time being concerned about being a good hostess that I only ended up playing the really good hands that I had and not stressing over them. That was the first time I had come away from the table on the positive! I walked away with $32.50. Unfortunately, that meant I had only been able to "win" $22.50. UGH! So CLOSE!

When the January game came around, I had pledged to only play the very best hands, not be afraid to be pushy with my chips when the cards were good and I got some really great hands. Those things all conspired for me and I walked away from the table that night with a total of $44.75. I was nearly $35 to the good and got to cross this one off of my list!. Today the home game, tomorrow the world!

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