Saturday, December 6, 2008

The newest family member

Since having to put Troy's dog, Sisko, put to sleep in August of 2007, I have been missing him a lot. While I have two cats, I've been especially missing the great doggy-lovin's that I got when he was a part of my life. I've also been feeling like I wanted to add some security to my house. As a single woman, I would rather not keep a gun in the house and I'm certain the cats wouldn't give me enough warning nor would they deter a would-be burglar. So, in the spirit our president-elect, I searched for a new puppy. Actually, I intended to get a little older dog so as to avoid all the puppiness that includes biting, chewing, potty training, etc, etc, however, after a brief search on the internet, I found a couple of 8 week old German Shepherd mixed puppies. They were going to be available for the first time today, so Troy and I went to check them out. I didn't intend to get one today, but you know how it is with babies, kitties and puppies - their cuteness makes it nearly impossible to say no to them.

After spending a couple of hours playing with the two puppies, I decided on one that was named Aubrey. (I have since changed her name to Sasha). I bought out the pet store, or so it seemed, getting all of the required puppy gear.

It's 7 hours later and she's sacked out on the couch next to me. The kitties are dealing and things have gone quite well with them. After a bit of hissing and a lot of sniffing, so far, so good. (Keep your fingers crossed.) I'm gonna take Sasha for some obedience classes, so I'm hoping she will continue to be well-behaved. If you have any tips/dos/don'ts, please feel free to share with me. Wish me luck!

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Jill said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Sasha is so cute! Just remember--you are the alpha dog. Don't let her forget that!


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