Thursday, December 25, 2008

Peace on Earth. Good will to men (and puupies and kitties)


I guess the spirit of the season has gotten into the animals in my house. While I was making some cookies and hot chocolate (the perfect Christmas Eve snack), I went into the living room and what did I find? Phoebe and Sasha sharing the couch! Okay, I admit it. Sharing may be too strong a word. Sasha was fine with Phoebe being near her, but I can't say the feeling was mutual for Phoebe. Phoebe was keeping her eyes firmly affixed on the interloper and I could distinctly hear a low gutteral growl eminating from her. She is certainly not pleased with the newest member of our household.

Fortunately, Sasha is getting much better about not going after the cats every time that they move. The trainer suggested I use a spray bottle of water and a can filled with coins. Any time Sasha goes near one of the cats, I spray her and LOUDLY bang the can of coins. My hope is that eventually she will learn that when she goes after the cats, all hell breaks loose. After a few days of this, she is already giving the cats a wide berth most of the time. I'm hopeful that by the time she is MUCH bigger than them, she will just completely leave them alone rather than thinking of them as her own personal toys.

In the meantime, she is growing bigger every day. She is constantly learning (and chewing). She's gotten very good at "sit" and knows she has to do it before I will let her out of her kennel, before she is allowed to go outside to potty and before she gets her "Dolly". "Dolly" is a pink stuffed dog toy that has a squeaker inside of it. She loves it and it's been patched up once already after she ripped a hole in Dolly's belly. Currently, Sasha is working on tearing her head off. I'm certain she'll be successful at some point.
When I first got her (a mere 3 weeks ago), I found it hard to believe that she would eventually have the standard German Shepherd ears that stand up. But today when we were taking a ride in the car, she was looking up at me with those sweet brown eyes and I noticed that one of her ears now stands up and the other one is still floppy. It cracked me up! It's just hilarious. You really should see it.

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