Thursday, December 18, 2008

So much time...(cont) AKA Stuff that's totally doable!

We've covered items that I know won't be done, but what's doable given my time/money constraints?

#12. Run the Indianapolis Mini Marathon - This one has been modified to "Complete the Indianapolis Mini Marathon" and I'm already registered for the 2009 running. Come out and support me and all the other runners on May 2, 2009. It's a great time!

#16. Workout at least 30 minutes 500 times - Thanks to the puppy, I'm back on track. I had been a couch slug for the last couple of weeks, but that's certainly not a lifestyle you can have if you have a puppy. We're out for 30 minute walks at least once a day and 15 - 20 minute walks another time. I'm certain that as she gets older and becomes an adolescent dog, she will need even more of these outings.

#18. Wear make-up every day for one month - My problem so far has been the weekends. Since I don't really get dressed up to go out on dates, weekend make-up has somehow become a thing of the past. I'm either gonna have to modify my expectations (it IS my list, right?) or buckle down for those 8 days out of the month. Still, not an insurmountable task.

#19 and #20. Be in bed by 10 PM and up by 6 AM every day for a week - My hope is that once Sasha's bladder gets a little bigger, we can make it through 8 hours without a bathroom break. (I actually don't have a problem - most of the time. LOL) The 6 AM isn't a problem since she's usually raring to go, but getting to bed by 10 PM seems a bit early for her right now. She's rather nap on the couch than actually go to bed, I think.

#30. Bowl a 500 series - Every week I keep trying and trying. Some weeks I get closer than others. I have 16 chances left to do it during my bowling league. I think I can...I think I can.

#85. Read 50 books - I'm sure I could squeeze this one in....I think. Suggestions of short, interesting, quick reads would be greatly appreciated.

#98. Try out one new recipe once a month for 6 months - Heck, I'm 5/6 of the way there. One more recipe certainly isn't going to be a stretch.

If you have any suggestions for completing these items or any other items not crossed off of my list, I would greatly appreciate your help. Know how to drive a manual transmisson and want to let me borrow your car to practice? Great! (hahaha) Have an extra hot air balloon or limo laying around that you need a passenger for? I'm your girl! Have a worthy charity I can make a donation to when I'm finished with the items I'm gonna finish? Who can I make the check out to?

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