Monday, December 8, 2008

Sasha update - end of Day 2

Sasha update:

1) She's getting quite good at the "sit" command. It helps that I give her treats every time she does it right. ...and that her butt is only 5 inches from the floor.

2) Once she got over the initial frustration of being trapped in a wire kennel a few feet away from me (read about 20 minutes of whimpering and barking), we all slept quite well the first night. The second night was not so great. It started out pretty well. She whimpering for about 1 minute and then laid down. However, she was back up and being vocal at 12:45, 1:15, 2:30, 3:15. Finally, at 5:45, we got up and went outside to potty.

3) Potty training is going quite well. I think she's learning that when we go outside, that is her chance to relieve herself. Now we just need to work on a routine, growing a bit bigger bladder and learning to tell me if she has to go out at other various times.

4) She is 8 weeks old and has 2 speeds - hyperspeed and dead to the world. She's VERY cute when she's exhausted and sleeping, but it takes a LONG time to get there. She has a TON of energy. I've promised her a long walk tonight when I get home. Wish me luck. Her preferred speed is running. This may be the best weight loss plan ever!

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