Tuesday, April 22, 2008

#101. Make another 101 List

I know it's probably a bit premature to have compiled a new 101 List seeing as how 1) the current list is only 26.7% completed and 2) there are still 449 days until the next list is set to begin. However, I'm in the mood to get some things crossed off of the current list (this is #27 completed) and I keep thinking of things that I want to add to the next list. I'm afraid I will forget them, so I just decided to go ahead and get this one out of the way.

The irony is that I'm very excited about this new list. I don't think the first list was all that difficult to compile, but this one was somehow even easier. I think I probably could have come up with 200 things to do/see/experience in the 2 3/4 years that start July 16, 2008! I've been pondering why that is.

Recently I had a conversation with someone who was somewhat fascinated by my list and the concept behind it. They asked me what percent of the items I would need to complete in order to be happy with it. For once, I think that's not the point of this exercise for me. I'm a list checker. I love to cross things off of lists when they are completed. I won't say that I've turned over a new leaf or changed completely, but I will say that this 101 list is more about the journey than the destination right now. Yes, I want to complete items, but not just so that I can cross them off my list. I want the EXPERIENCE that each item represents. It's so wonderful to be able to look back at the items that have been completed already and remember how out of sorts I felt at the Bingo hall or how overwhelming it felt to complete workout #10 and know that there were 490 ahead of me.

I realize that there are 74 items left on my list and that I most likely won't complete them all, but I can't wait to see what adventures trying brings me.

For now, I concentrate on the current list of 101, but I know that a new list awaits all prepared out on the horizon.

For those of you (you lone 2 or 3 souls) who are interested in knowing what's on the new list, I'm not going to give away all my secrets, but I'll make a one time offer. If you want to know one of the items, simply leave me a post and tell me a number between 1 and 101. I'll then let you know what the adventure for that item number is. The limit is one number per person.

I can't wait to spill the beans!


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