Monday, April 7, 2008

The best new I've had in a long time!

I debated about whether to share this information here in cyberspace or not because who knows who will get their hands on it, but for now I will share. Something this exciting to me can't be kept to myself. My head could most certainly explode!

All of my life I've been so many ways. There is one particular blessing I've not always been so comfortable being endowed with, however. Anyone who has ever met me knows that I'm quite a buxom woman. All of the women in my family are. From the pictures I've seen of previous generations, this has apparently been true for SOME time! It doesn't help matters that apparently all of the men are attracted to buxom women as well. This only results in generations of exceedingly MORE buxom women. This is

It's a body issue I've struggled with for most of my life (or at least since age 8 when the Girls started to make themselves known). I've thought about surgery. I've watched the procedure on medical TV channels, researched the cost and insurance coverage and generally drooled over the tiny bosoms of women around me. (Hmmm...that doesn't sound good, does it?)

It's a major surgery and it is quite invasive. I'm sure that, along with all that cutting, comes quite a bit of pain. That's never the part that kept me from proceeding. It's the cost. In the past, my research has shown me that the procedure carries a hefty price tag of $10,000 - $20,000. Insurance rarely covers it either. I am NOT a wealthy woman.

Alas, at the end of January, on a whim, I asked my doctor for some Plastic Surgeon (PS) recommendations. I had had enough of lugging these things around. I would love to run and jump and frolic in the fields. ...Ok, maybe not so much field frolicking, but I would love to be able to jog like a normal woman without the fear of blackening an eye.

At the beginning of March, I had an appointment with one of the recommended PSs and he said he did not consider this reduction to be a cosmetic procedure. He gave me a general guideline that they give for what an appropriate or normal size is for each person and, needless to say, I was an overachiever....but not in a good way! (If you would like to know what that guideline was so that you can "check" yourself, just let me know). Although I was certain that the insurance wouldn't cover it, he took digital photos (EGAD!) for submission to insurance. He said he would write up his recommendations, submit them and then we would play the waiting game.

I think of myself as pretty thorough and had read all of the policies and exclusions in my health insurance, so I was pretty certain I was NOT going to get the A-ok from them. Essentially, according to my understanding, the only breast procedures that were covered were reconstruction surgeries due to mastectomies. So, you can only imagine my elation when the nurse from the PS's office called me last Friday to explain that I had been APPROVED! Hallelujah! I actually had to ask her to repeat herself and I nearly started bawling from relief right there on the phone. I told Troy it felt like it was one of those Claritan commercials where you think the world is in color and focus, but then a film is removed and colors are suddenly bright and vibrant! My whole world seemed to take on a different shape. It was amazing! It was like winning the lottery on Christmas morning!

After a bit more research, I found that insurance is covering it more and more as long as a certain amount it taken out. Depending on exactly what tissue is taken, a pound is roughly 500 grams. My PS estimates that he will take approximately 2 1/2 pounds EACH! Think about it ladies! I will drop 5 pounds without breaking a sweat! Sweet! It's like having a baby...without that pesky college tuition to pay!

So, in just 43 short days, I go under the knife. I would love to document the surgery through photos, but I'm not sure that's exactly appropriate content for my blog. I'll figure out something. At present, I'm thinking about taking my photo in a "boobie" shirt as some call it (something showing the shape and cleavage) before and after so that the difference will be obvious. If you have any better suggestions that could make it through the censors, please let me know.


kieron said...

I'm glad your happy! you think it's medically necessary? It's odd that the doctors do, but you didn't!

P.S. I think I need one too...for my man boobs.

Heather said...

Yes, I think it's medically necessary. If it's for physical reasons, yes. If it's for my mental health, most definitely!


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