Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One Month Soda-Free

As of today, April 16, 2008, I have been one month soda-free. How is it? It's actually not that bad. I was never a huge imbiber of carbonated beverages to begin with, so perhaps it would be tougher for someone who was kicking a Big-Gulp-a-day habit. I usually only had maybe 5 sodas a week and they were always diet sodas at that. I would usually have a company-provided diet coke with my lunch 3 days or so a week and then perhaps one on Friday evening with whatever bad-for-me dinner I was having. Then usually one on Saturday if we went out to eat or something.
Most of the time, I actually drink water or juice or tea. I'm not sure if those are any better for me given the sugar content in most fruit juices, but I'm gonna stick with this thing.
In the beginning, as with any addiction, I imagine, it was a lot more difficult. I think it was more of a habit than anything. I would usually just grab one from the fridge here at work while I heated up my lunch in the microwave. Then there's the draw of certain foods. Somehow water with pizza or spaghetti just doesn't seem to work for me. Alas, I have succeeded so far anyway.
1 month down, 5 more to go.

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kieron said...

I hear water is the best thing for you...


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