Saturday, May 8, 2010

Looking up - The International Space station.

When I asked Troy for ideas on things to blog about this month, he mentioned the International Space Station.  You can't really think of it without "looking up".  The Space Station has either been completed recently or is on the verge of being completed in very near future.  Work to build its various piece and assemble then in near-Earth orbit has been going on since 1998 and was originally started by the Russians.  Starting in 2000, crews have manned the space station on a continual basis for nearly 10 years.

While I think all of the research is fascinating and I'm awed by the possibilities that the research may bring for the rest of us here on Earth, I have to admit that the mere thought of going into space gives me the heebie jeebies!  I am most definitely and assuredly an earth sign.  I like my feet firmly planted on Mother Earth.  I am not a fan of regular old flying in a plane and I CERTAINLY wouldn't even entertain the thought of venture out of the safety of our lovely oxygen-filled atmosphere.  If the earth is going down, I'm going down with her.

For those of you who are perhaps not so "grounded", check out this quick animated timeline of the work completed on the International Space Station.

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Shell said...

The thought of going into space gives me the creeps. LOL

Love your 100 in 1001 list! I've seen this a couple times recently...might be a sign I need to do it, too!

Thanks for stopping by my SITS day last Monday!


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