Sunday, May 2, 2010

Looking up - Spring is (finally!) here!

Ok, show of hands.  Who thought winter was about 8 months long this year?  I have no doubt that global warming is most certainly happening, but it apparently had no effect on Indiana this year.

I grew up here in Indiana and I'm accustomed to having snow cover every inch of everything for several months.  As a kid I lived for "snow days" and I would wake up extra early on those days and wait with baited breath for the name of my school to be called on the radio.  I would bundle up and drag my sled to the big hill in the neighborhood.  My brother and I would play for hours and when we were done, we would come back home and have hot chocolate.  It was glorious.

Fast forward to adulthood in Indiana where there are no "snow days" from work, the front walk has to be shoveled and heating bills can be sky high.  For SOME reason, winter just doesn't hold the same appeal it once did.

So, now that the weather has started to turn warmer and the trees are budding, things sure are looking up.  Now a light jacket replaces the big winter coat, hats and mittens.  Lawn-mowing (which I pay to have done - yeah!) replaces snow-shoveling.  Walking the dog is now a chance to talk to neighbors instead of an endurance test for the skin on my face.

As the temperatures rise, so does my soul.

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Jessica - One Shiny Star said...

Hmmm, I am a big fan of seasonal changes, more so than any particular season. If I had to pick one if would be Fall though. It's so pretty here in Tennessee. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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