Thursday, May 20, 2010

"robin's egg blue?"

Since I started blogging back in 2006 (egad!), I have done my fair share of stalking envying reading a LOT of other great blogs out there.  I am often in awe of these women bloggers.  Many of them have husbands and kids and very full lives.  Yet they find time to write tutorials on how to make a fabulous reusable grocery bag or the best way to organize...anything!  But the blogs that really catch my eye are the ones where the blogger has taken some piece of furniture that was discarded at the curb or donated to a thrift store and turned it into something that any of us would be proud to have in our homes.  Most of the time, I am simply in awe.


Now I will never say that my decorating tastes are on the cutting edge.  After all, I live in a house that is 60 years old and my decorating is basically "early American poverty" based on what I've acquired throughout the years as hand-me-downs from relatives or furniture stores going out of business.  I would LOVE for everything to match, but that is probably never going to happen short of winning the lottery.

HOWEVER....there is a fad among these spunky do-it-yourself-ers that I am simply not a big fan of.  Apparently the "it" color right now is kind of a robin's egg blue.  Now, I am most certainly NOT a woman who would turn down a gift in a blue Tiffany's box (swoon), but if I had to choose a color as my LEAST favorite, it would probably be robin's egg blue.  Call me boring, but I would prefer my home decor in black or white or au natural.  Those robins' eggs can stay outside in the trees where they look quite fetching.

So, what do you think?  Am I just being bland or boring or will we look back on this period in our decorating history the way we do when we see olive green and yellow refrigerators from the 1970s?


Katie Lane said...

I like the color but it's a bit too bright for me to bring into my home. Maybe a child's room - or a spunky craft room.

Jill said...

Funny, a friend and I were talking about this last night. Every year Pantone, the color company, selects a "color of the year." This year it's turquoise. That's why you're finding all of this blue out there--it'll be everywhere. Whether or not it'll stick and/or become the next avocado will remain to be seen.

"early American poverty" made me laugh! Thanks!


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