Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Looking up - Smart Phones (again!)

If you'll recall, the other day I wrote a post about how the Smart Phone people have reeled me into their evil web of readily available information.

So, here's the downside of this glorious device:  This morning as I was at a stop light waiting to turn into my parking garage, I saw no fewer than 10 people staring intently at their cell phones while walking.  In downtown Indianapolis.  During morning rush hour.  STARING.  None of them were looking up to see where they were going!

I completely and totally get why Oprah is encouraging everyone to make their cars a No Phone Zone (catchy, no?).  We have become obsessed with these things!  No longer do they simply ring when we have an incoming phone call.  Now we can be alerted by them for any number of reasons - a text message, a post someone has left on your Facebook wall, a new email.  If my old phone rang (or buzzed since I keep it on vibrate while I'm at work) 10 times a day, my new phone rings 100 times a day.  That's a whole LOT of distraction!

I'm truly concerned about our growing addiction to them and the danger they pose as we go through our day.  I challenge you to go a day without using your cell phone.  This morning I accidentally left my phone on the charger at home.  I realized it when I was still close enough to go back and get it, but I decided not to.  I think it has a pretty tight grip on my life and I'm gonna do whatever I can to loosen that grip.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog today!

I totally agree with you about the smart phone thing! I often leave my phone at home. It rings when I get a call and it serves as my alarm clock. I thus far have refused to go get a fancy cell phone, my plain old one works for what I need. Sometimes it is good to unplug!!


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