Friday, March 11, 2011

Lent Day 2: Share the love

So, spring is right around the corner and you're dreaming of spending some time out in the glorious weather.  Do you know who else likes to spend time running around and playing out in the bright shiny sun?  Shelter dogs!

And you're in luck!  There are some amazing dogs at the Indianapolis Humane Society right now.  Since it's on my list (more on that later), I've been volunteering there spending time playing and walking dogs.  I try my best to remember that my job is to pet/walk/just spend time with the doggies so that they remember that they are meant to be with people so that when the right person comes into adopt them, they will make an excellent addition.

The thing about shelter dogs is they are faced with the same struggle to find love that I battle.  If they aren't cute, sweet and cuddly looking, they are probably just gonna get passed by because nobody is taking the time to judge them on more than just the size of their body and the lie of their fur.

So, I'm gonna try to get a few of those doggies a bit more attention in hopes that they will find their "forever home" very soon.

My first little lover is Beauty.  As a gorgeous 9-month-old Black Labrador Retriever, she certainly lives up to her name!  If you're looking for an energetic, intelligent lover, (and aren't we all!) you most definitely would not go wrong with this pretty girl.  She does well playing with other dogs and we spent most of our time alternating between her playing with the treats I gave her and her leaning into me while she soaking in my petting her.  If she sounds as amazing as she is and you're interested in making her part of your family, you can check out how she can be yours by visiting her page here.

Our next sweetie is Blu.  He may look tough, but he's a real softie.  He has a strong, beautiful Pit Bull head and body!  He's not yet available for adoption because he's heartworm positive and The Humane Society is seeking sponsorship for his treatment, but I just know he will make an excellent companion once he's all better.  If his rugged good looks have you interested in bringing him home or you'd like to help with his medical treatment, you can find all that information here.

Finally, the dog who won my heart recently is Buck.  When I read the description on his kennel, I wasn't sure that I wanted to try to handle him.  He was nearly 70 pounds, he was a tall dog (his back reached my hips) and the description said that although he was housebroken, he needed to work on his manners.  The translation I've gleened from that in the past is that "bad manners" equals nearly no training and REALLY bad behavior (ie, jumping up, trying to bite, etc etc).  In the case of this dog, that is most definitely false advertising!!  Yes, he's a big dog at nearly 70 pounds, but he's so thin you can easily count all of his ribs.  He's definitely strong, but responded well to my guiding him on the leash without too much pulling.  He tried to jump up on me once, but after I told him to get down, that didn't happen anymore.  I always grab a handful of dog treats and once he discovered I had those, he showed himself to be a truly intelligent dog!  When I asked him to sit, his butt hit the ground immediately.  When I asked him to "stay" and I walked away with the treat in my hand, he didn't move a muscle until he was released by me to get his treat.  I'd hate to see this wonderful dog get passed over because of his reported "bad manners."  One warning, he's definitely got some slobber going on when you give him treats!  So if this gentle giant seems like a good fit for you, you can check him out at the Indianapolis Humane Society on North Michigan road in Indianapolis or go here for more information on how to bring him into your family.

Don't live in the Indianapolis area?  Check out the shelter near you for a new best friend because shelter dogs are sometimes the best dogs!! 

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heidi @ wonder woman wannabe said...

Oh, aren't they all just adOrable!!? They're so lucky to have you advocating for them!

We sure love our welsh corgi, zoey - someday we'll adopt another furry friend to keep her company! :)

thanks for visiting on my SITS day!



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