Thursday, July 23, 2009

#28 Learn all the state capitals (29/50)

According to Sheppard Software, which has an online United States capital quiz, I currently know 29/50 state capitals. So, which do I know?

New York - Albany
Illinois - Springfield
Oklahoma - Oklahoma City
Hawaii - Honolulu
Delaware - Dover
Louisiana - Baton Rouge
Florida -Tallahassee
Minnesota - St. Paul
North Dakota - Bismarck
Indiana - Indianapolis
Massachusetts - Boston
Michigan - Lansing
Iowa - Des Moines
Rhode Island - Providence
California - Sacramento
South Dakota - Pierre
New Jersey - Trenton
Vermont - Montpelier
Wisconsin - Madison
Nevada - Carson City
Ohio - Columbus
Mississippi - Jackson
Montana - Helena
Arizona - Phoenix
Colorado - Denver
Kentucky - Frankfurt
Alaska - Juneau
Maine - Augusta
Georgia - Atlanta

Not bad for my first try. My apologies to the other states. I'll get to you soon.

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Jill said...

Do you know the song "Fifty Nifty United States"? (by Ray Charles, I believe) I sang it in junior high choir, and the fantastic bit is that a chunk of the song is singing the states in alphabetical order. It doesn't do anything about the capitals, but maybe it will help in learning them.

Another tidbit from junior high: We had Apple IIe computers (NEW!), and for extra credit, you could write a computer program. I did a states/capitals game. The final product was basic (i.e.--lame), and it totally turned me off programming because it took so long to write.


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