Friday, October 23, 2009

Fabulous Friday Finds -

Hello all! I apologize for my absence the last few days, but my office staff and I are in the throws of moving to a new space and I've been swamped before, during and after work trying to get work done while weeding out stuff (I do so love doing that) and packing what's left into boxes to be moved by the movers on Saturday. Stay tuned for pics of the new space. My old cubicle was VERY utilitarian and a bit messier than I would like, but I'm using this opportunity to have a clean slate and a fresh start. I've been inspired by all of my new, crafty blogger friends, so my new space is well on it's way to being very girly and non-officey.

So, today's Fabulous Friday Find:

Recently Troy has really gotten into some survival research. Either it's a man thing or he's anticipating the worst is right around the corner. In any event, he's gotten me thinking more and more about #92 and #93, which are to make emergency kits for my house and car. In doing research, I stumbled upon a great resource. has everything you need to know about preparing yourself, your family and even your pets for the aftermath of an emergency situation. They have everything from a list of what you need in terms of food, water, first aid kit, medications and copies of important papers.

With the cold winds of winter right around the corner, I think this is a great resource for getting my supplies together. Check it out if you have a moment. You may not live in a disaster prone area, but that's no reason to be unprepared.

Also check out these great 72 hour kits prepared by another blogger. She makes it look so simple and easy!


Sarah said...

Thanks for linking to my 72 hour kit blog. It's so fun to see where the blogging world takes you! I read your 101 list. What a great idea. Good luck! I like your memorize a joke one and I thought I would tell you my son's favorite. (He was 5 the first time he heard it and for what ever reason he couldn't stop laughing!)
Knock knock.
Who's there?
Cash who?
No thank you, I prefer peanuts.

And my 4 year old daughters
Knock knock.
Who's there?
Boo Who?
I'm sorry you're feeling blue, what can I do to cheer you up?

Hope you have a great day!

**Kelsey Dahlin** said...

saw you on SITS cute blog! Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

Debbie said...

Man, it sounds like you have been busy!


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