Tuesday, August 25, 2009

7000 and holding....

In the hunt for 100,000 pennies, I'm currently at 7,000 and holding. While $70 in pennies is nothing to sneeze at (or carry if you have a bad back!), it's a long way from the goal of $1000 in pennies.

So, while you're all gathering your pennies for me, (you are, right?) how about we think about what charity you all think might be deserving? I've placed a poll on the right side of the page where you can cast your vote. I've placed three charities there that are near and dear to my heart. If you like one of those, feel free to vote for it. If you have other suggestions, just leave me a comment and I'll add it to the poll.

The top 2 vote getters will share the donation and you have until midnight of September 30th to vote. Vote early! Vote often!

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