Monday, August 10, 2009

It seems only right....

Last week I complained about witnessing a parent just not "getting it". It seems only right that when I witness the opposite, I should share that as well.

On Saturday, frustrated by the lack of a pantry in my kitchen and bolstered by Rachel's amazing house renovation over at Bungalow Bliss, I decided to make the just-under-2-hour drive to IKEA in West Chester, OH. I love Ikea and usually I go to the one in Schaumberg, IL, but that's DEFINTELY an all day affair. Consequently, I haven't been in a few years. Luckily, in March of 2008, they built a new one just north of Cincinnati, OH. After visiting there, I think that will definitely be my store of choice since they have all the same stuff as the Schaumburg location, they are closer by nearly 1 1/2 hours and I don't have to battle Chicago traffic. Sweet!

I went specifically for a couple of narrow shelves (my breakfast "cubby" has two narrow spaces next to the window), but of course I have to look around, ....right? This always gets me in trouble. I've toned it down quite a bit, but I think you would be hard-pressed to find a room in my house that doesn't have AT LEAST 3 items from Ikea.

While drooling over this amazingly clever table, I saw a couple of kids (brother and sister probably about 12 and 13) stumped by another table. The top of the table to could be folded down to save space, but they were stumped as to how to get the table top to stay up. The dad, who had moved on to look at some other items, heard them ask, "How does this work?" His response? He walked back over to them, said, "It's called a gateleg table...." He then proceeded to explain it to them and to show them how it worked. The result? Peace! The curiosity of the kids was satisfied, they were contented, the father moved on to continue looking at another table, the rest of the shoppers in the area never even knew! There was no commotion. There were no tantrums and ill-feelings. It was amazing.

Yeah! Score one for the good guys!

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