Thursday, August 6, 2009

Weeks #2 and #3 Summary

I am really pleased and excited at the prospect that this 101 in 1001 list #2 holds for me and I'm thoroughly enjoying working on the tasks. For the full list look over here ---->

Here's how things look after 3 weeks:

#5 - I completed my sushi dinner during July with Troy after his successful medical check-up. I actually also had another sushi dinner with my brother the next weekend (which also happened to be in July). The committee of Me, Myself and I are currently in negotiations about how to handle this one. Can it be kept in reserve for another month when perhaps I don't make it? Was it simply a second visit for the month of July? I'll keep you posted on the final verdict.

#8 - The penny collecting is going fairly well. I figure that in order to reach my goal of 100,000, I need to collect about 100 a day. At that rate, as of the end of week 3 I should have had 1800 pennies. Thanks to the generosity of my parents, brother, Troy, Troy's family and my friend Patrick, I am comfortably ahead of schedule. However, I don't want this to have me sitting back and resting on my laurels because it would be easy enough to get behind. If you're a spare change collector, I am making a deal that I will roll all of your other change in exchange for your pennies. It took me a several of hours, but I gathered about 2200 pennies from Patrick and in exchange, I rolled over $200 in other coins him. Not bad! I read an article online that it is estimated that Americans have about 10 BILLION dollars in spare change sitting around their homes being unused right now. Are you contributing to that amount? If so, I'd LOVE to take the pennies off of your hands. Just let me know....please.

#13 - I parked on the street near my work building downtown the other day and when I went down to feed my meter, the one right next to mine was expired, so I popped 50 cents into that one and poof! 1 meter down. 2 to go.

#16 - I love it when people read my blog and it motivates them to action. Recently a couple of friends said that they were reading my blog and decided that as they entered their second year of marriage, they would come up with their own "bucket" list of sorts. Oh! And they wanted to give me hugs! Sweet! 17 down. 33 to go!

#20. Rice count = 13,810. Best word? lachrymal

#21. I went to see my parents in Fort Wayne on July 25th. It only seems fair since they've been making the trip to see me for the past 6 months. We had a lovely breakfast and Mom and I got our hair cut together. Fun! Hopefully the next visit will be a bit longer.

#24. There's a really convenient farmers' market nearby on Wednesdays, so I walked down and grabbed a chinese eggplant (I'll let you know how it is). There were several people selling corn, but since I tasted the "Gotta Have It" that Troy's family grows, I'm very picky about my corn on the cob. This is some GREAT corn! I mentioned that to one of the vendors who was touting her very sweet sweet corn and she gave me an ear of hers to try. The only catch was that I had to report back how it compared to the "Gotta Have It." Deal! I have to admit. Her corn was really good. It was sweet and juicy and none of those kernel bits got stuck in my teeth. I hate it when that happens.

#45. I have a new follower!!!!! That's 2/10. Very exciting. You too can be a follower you know. Your loyalty is just a click away. Come on. You know you wanna. All the cool kids are doing it.

#56 and #57. Done and done (3/144). The second is much more difficult that I thought it would be. Hopefully my heart will soften a bit as I age.

#70. Ok, officially I didn't do this one until after the end of July, but it's my list and I say it counts.

#79. Step total as of Sunday, August 2, 2009 = 105,696 or about 1.3% of the 8,008,000. At that point I was about I was about 38,000 steps behind where I should be. I can make that up....right?

#84. My skin, hair, etc. thank me that I've kept up with this one. I'm definitely going to have to contact my Mary Kay lady sooner than I thought I might.

#90. I've taken those daily pictures as well. At first I started taking a picture of myself everyday ala, but sometimes I don't just want a photo of myself. That's a LOT of self-portraits!

#97. Bought a Wii! Sweet. Come on over if you wanna play. I think it's way more fun with other people than by myself. Oh! And I got a really big TV to play it on too. Way cool!

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