Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Prying eyes

I mentioned a while back that I had installed Google Analytics. It's really great. It tracks how many people have been to your site, how long they spent there, how many pages they visited, how they got there, where they live (simply city and country, so no worries that your address is being revealed to me), etc. I installed it at a time when I was certain that no one was reading and it's great at giving me feedback since very few people leave comments (hint! hint! hint!).

Recently an anomaly has appeared in the location of the people who visit my blog. I live in Indiana. I expect people in Indiana to read. After all, some of my friends and family members get regular updates every time that I make an entry. However, lately there have been nearly twice as many hits from the city of Seattle as there are from the entire state of Indiana (I have friends and family in MANY parts of the state).

So, here's my question to my Seattle reader(s). Who are you? What has brought you to my blog? What makes you keep coming back? Do I know you?

In fact, I'd like to pose the same questions to other people who visit. I would love to know what you think. I'm open to praise, criticism, etc. Things may not change, but I'd at least love to get the feedback.

Get out and get living!

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