Thursday, August 20, 2009


Sometimes I get EXACTLY what I deserve. That is most certainly NOT a good thing sometimes. I think they call that kharma.

Yesterday, because the bowling season started, my poor puppy was stuck in her kennel for most of the day. I hate doing that to her because she isn't quite a year old yet and needs LOTS of exercise. So, in order to compensate, I promised her that I would take her for a REALLY long walk when I got home last night. Ok, admittedly SHE doesn't remember anything for more than 2 minutes, so I actually promised myself.

So, true to my word, when I got home, I hooked her to her leash and we set out. It was night and I couldn't really see the sky, but it didn't seem like it was going to rain or anything. HA! I was SOOOOO wrong. We had been out for about 30 minutes or so and we were a good 4 blocks from the house when the skies let loose. Since it was just me and juggling a dog on a leash and a scooper is about all I can handle, I certainly didn't take an umbrella with me. The result was that in less than a block, I was soaked to the skin. When you're THAT wet, I don't think there's really any point in hurrying, so we eventually made it back home.

It rained so hard that by the time we got home, even Sasha couldn't wait to get inside. And she LOVES to be out in the rain. That's wet!

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