Monday, March 29, 2010

A New Life's resolution - Day #65 (Occupational) {written for 3/23/2010}

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Day #65 - Occupational

According to, "The occupational dimension of wellness is involved in preparing for work in which one will gain personal satisfaction and find enrichment in one's life through work. Occupational development is related to one's attitude about one's work.' Traveling a path toward your occupational wellness, you'll contribute your unique gifts, skills and talents to work that is personally meaningful and rewarding. You'll convey your values through your involvement in both paid and unpaid volunteer activities that are gratifying for you. You'll know when you're on the correct path for career wellness, when your work and hobbies become exciting."
Unless you've been living under a rock, you've seen or heard quite a bit on the news lately about the passage of the 2010 Health Care Reform Bill. I haven't read the whole thing, so I'm not going to take up your time and attention talking about the changes that it will or will not make for your and your family. I'm also not going to go on about the misinformation being spread around in order to put fear or anger into the hearts of constituents.

Instead, this week I'd like to start all of you thinking and talking about how this bill could influence our dimensions of wellness. If you've been tuning in to this blog for any period of time, you've probably figured out that I like it when people are paying attention and finding a way to think about these sorts of things for themselves rather than simply regurgitating whatever they hear on the TV or radio. So I'm going to take it easy this week and simply put some questions or prompts out there. My hope is that this will spark some conversations here or in your office or around your kitchen table with the family.

*  How will this bill affect the occupational wellness of the country?
*  Have the steep costs of non-group health insurance kept some people from becoming entrepreneurs and starting small businesses?  If so, will the new access to affordable insurance enourage some people to finally take that step?
*  According to the bill, employers who have less than 50 employees do not get penalized for not providing insurance coverage.  How will that threshold affect businesses that have employee numbers around that range?
*  Whether it is true or not, I'm not sure, but it has been said that many family doctors and general practitioners are deciding to retire early rather than make the changes to their practices that this bill puts into effect.  If this is true, how could this affect the quantity and quality of doctors that are available?

What other aspects of the health care bill have I missed as they pertain to our occupational wellness?

I eagerly anticipate your thoughts about these things.

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