Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The importance of (cute) shoes

I'll admit I'm sort of a back-to-basics girl.  I always wish I was the girl whose hair and makeup were perfect, whose skin was soft as a baby's bottom, whose nails (fingers and toes) were always perfectly polished, whose body was a perfect size 2 (or 4 or 6 or 8, whatever!)   I'm sure there are those women out there for whom most of these things are true.  I am not one of them.  I rarely own anything that is considering trendy and cool (ever since that horrible incident in grade school with the parachute pants!  Bubble-butt is NOT what a fat little girl wants to be called!)

I guess growing up, for better or worse, I never really learned the art of being a high-maintainence girl.  My mom's hair and make-up and unpolished, yet perfectly filed nails were always impeccable, but she wasn't breaking any new fashion ground.  She doesn't really ever wear skirts or dresses and I've rarely seen her in anything higher than a 1 inch heel.  Most of the time she wears some standard (comfortable) flats.  Alas, I have taken on some of these same fashion standards, but no more!

I have a friend who is the ultimate in girly.  She's thin and beautiful and obsessed with cute shoes.  I've been to her house.  She has a TON of shoes...and they are all crazy cute!  That kind of puts my 3 basic pair of shoes to shame, huh?  I always admired her shoe choices, but didn't really see the point.  Yes, they were cute, but they looked uncomfortable and after all, who notices them?  Apparently lots of people do!

I am most certainly not looking for attention from men other than Troy at this point (he's a VERY basic shoe kinda guy!), but cute shoes apparently garner attention I never knew was out there!  Since it's summer and the weather is FINALLY nice, last week I decided to bust out my (one and only) pair of black sling back shoes with a bit of a heel (only about 2 inches).  I painted my toenails (because that is one of those rules of summer footwear I never knew before last year) and donned my kicky shoes.  I didn't change my hair or clothes or anything else, but I got quite a few comments.  Maybe it's because I have to walk differently, but I had a guy actually say to me, (ala Joey from "Friends") "Hey, pretty!  How are you doing today?"  I said "fine" and went on my way thinking, "what the....?"  The only thing that makes any sense to me is the shoes.

Maybe they are sort of like sexy underwear.  No one else may notice (or even see) them, but they certainly make you feel differently as you walk out into the world.

What do you think?  Are cute shoes important to a woman's self-image?  If not, what makes you feel fun and flirty?


Jenny C said...

Yes, yes, yes! Exactly! Cute shoes are just like the sexy underwear. They just make you feel better about yourself, more confident, and they are something that people are more likely to compliment. I love if people tell me my shoes are fabulous. Of course I think that they are, but it pretty much makes my day when a stranger stops me to tell me she loves my shoes. :)

Anonymous said...

A great question! I was never a huge shoe collector...just a few pairs, enough to get by. But a couple of years ago I bought several pairs of sandals and got a lot of compliments b/c they were cute.
I now own probably 20 pairs of shoes and some are adorable. I still suck at walking in high heels, though. So, they might be sexy..but when a duck is wearing them, how sexy can they be, you know?


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