Monday, June 21, 2010

Sasha's Shameless Plug

I believe in putting my money (and my blog) where my mouth is.  I don't often plug things on here, but I'm doing it now....shamelessly.

The Indianapolis Humane Society is a really great organization that is supported solely by donations.  They are a no-kill shelter.  That means as long as an animal is healthy and adoptable, they can live at the shelter for years.  There is no expiration date on an animal simply because they've been around too long.  Consequently, personal donations of food, supplies and money are the livelihood of the facility.  They hold several fundraising events each year.  Among these events is the Mutt Strut.  It's held at the beginning of May and it's touted as a day when the track goes to the dogs because it happens at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Sasha and I have attended the last 2 years and while this year was a rainy mess, she had a blast in 2009.  There are lots of great vendors giving away free samples of food and offering medical check-ups for dogs.  It's just an amazingly fun doggy day.


So, here comes my plug!  Each year all the participants receive a t-shirt as part of their registration costs.  On the front of that t-shirt is the photo of the "Poster Pooch".  I would love nothing more than for Sasha to get to be that Poster Pooch for the 2011 Mutt Strut.  (I mean, seriously!  She's adorable!)  Here's where we need your help.  Go here to vote for her.  Each vote is $1 ($5 minimum) and ALL proceeds go to help some of our neglected, furry friends.  Right now she's waaay behind in the voting.  It's totally my fault and not at all a reflection on her lack of cuteness.  Did I mention that she's seriously cute!?!  The 11 runners-up will be part of a photo shoot and a 2011 doggy calender.  She'd be cool winning that if she can't have the top prize.  She's a giver, ya know!

Do you need more motivation than her fuzzy wuzzy muzzle?  Oh, okay!  If the great Sashinator receives more than 150 votes, you will be rewarded.  I will give away a prize package (worth at least $25) to one lucky voter.  Simply leave me a comment telling me that you voted and you'll be entered.  No need to become a follower.  Of course, if you want to be kept aprised of the contest, you might want to anyway.

Thanks so much for your time and your donation.

Stop by tomorrow to find out about the amazing adoption deal that the Humane Society of Indianapolis is having right now.

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