Thursday, June 10, 2010

NOW - Strawberry Festival in downtown Indianapolis

As I've said before, working in downtown Indianapolis is a wonderful thing during the summer.  We just had all of the festivities of the month of May and all that goes on for the Indy 500.  Now it's June and that means it's time for the Strawberry Festival!  Yummo!

It's such a great charity event and really kicks off the summer for me!  I  love the scandalously decadent shortcake and whipped cream.  I love how the strawberries (and all of their wonderful juices) seep into the shortcake and puddle on the bottom of the container.  It is sooo yummy.

So, if you're in Indianapolis, you need to drop what you're doing RIGHT NOW and head down to Monument Circle.  The lines can get a little long sometimes, but it's totally worth the wait!


Jenny C said...

But what did you think of the traffic afterward? Since they extended it to 6pm this year. Not cool.

Heather said...

Yeah, the traffic getting out of the parking garage was a bit hideous, but thanks to the "rent-a-cops", I got out without incident.


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