Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A New Life's resolution - Day #23 (Occupational)

If you're just joining us, check out the explanation of my "New Life Resolution"

Day #23 - Occupational

According to www.definitionofwellness.com, "The occupational dimension of wellness is involved in preparing for work in which one will gain personal satisfaction and find enrichment in one's life through work. Occupational development is related to one's attitude about one's work.' Traveling a path toward your occupational wellness, you'll contribute your unique gifts, skills and talents to work that is personally meaningful and rewarding. You'll convey your values through your involvement in both paid and unpaid volunteer activities that are gratifying for you. You'll know when you're on the correct path for career wellness, when your work and hobbies become exciting."

Hello, my name is Heather and I am an addict.  It's true.  I'm sure to look at me no one would be able to tell, but I have a horrible addiction.

.......to Facebook and all the pesky games that is sucks me in to.  For those of you who have played them, you know they are a collosal time suck.  You sit down to plant your rows of corn or cook your hamburgers and before you know it, you've lost an hour (or more).  Ugh.

I often bemoan the fast that I don't have enough time to get all the things done that I need to do in a day and still get to bed at a decent time.  I'm sure to the women who have a husband, children AND a job, I live a life of leisure.  And, if the truth is told, I guess I do.  After all, if I didn't, how would I have so much time to sit in front of the computer wiling away my time?

So, while not playing computer games isn't exactly an occupation-related goal, I think spending that much time in mindless activity does affect my productivity both personally and professionally (I play over lunchtime).  In order to hopefully get some of those things off of my To Do list and feel like a contributing member of society, my goal is to spend no more than 20 minutes per day playing those silly games.  Ah, I hear you skeptics out there who think 20 minutes is an eternity.  I hate to tell you, but that doesn't even crack the surface of the time I spend.

I hang my head in shame and wish for your continued good thoughts on my journey to making a new life.


Mrs. Gamgee said...

It's a commendable goal. Have you decided to go cold turkey or work down to your goal gradually?


Joan Young Spotswood said...

I understand that the first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem. I'm not quite sure what comes after that but what can a few rows of corn hurt?

Heather said...


Ah, that's how it all starts. Like one glass of wine for an alcoholic.


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