Thursday, January 7, 2010

A New Life's resolution - Day #3 (Spiritual)

If you're just joining us, check out the explanation of my "New Life Resolution"

Day 3 - Spiritual

According to, "The spiritual dimension of wellness involves seeking meaning and purpose in human existence. It includes the development of a deep appreciation for the depth and expanse of life and natural forces that exist in the universe."

When I originally came up with the idea of trying to change my life by using the 6 dimensions of wellness, the super-organized part of me wanted to make sure that I had everything planned out.  I knew that because I was using the memory device POSIES (Physical, Occupational, Spiritual, Intellectual, Emotional, Social), the third day would have to be one of the S's.  It only made sense to me that the S I should use for the third day (this was supposed to be on Wednesday, but we'll ignore that fact for this week) would be Spiritual.  My formative years were spent attending parochial schools and every Wednesday we went to a chapel service.  It seems a perfect fit.

Fortunately or unfortunately, as I grew up, the spirituality that was often taught in my parochial school felt hollow to me.  The message of a connection to a greater good/being/power never seemed real to me.  Maybe it was because I felt there was a disconnect between what the people in the church said and what they did.  Maybe it was because no time was ever devoted to questioning our existence rather than simply spewing bible verses from memory.  Whatever the reason was, I feel like as I have grown into a thinking, caring, emotionally complex women, the idea of spirituality takes on a different meaning for me.

For me, spirituality is trying to maintain a connection to all the people, events, beings and emotions that swirl around me on any given day.  So, today, as my attempt to strengthen that spiritual connection to the universe, I intend to take a walk outside in the newly fallen snow for as long as my soul needs.  I will enjoy the hush that comes over my neighborhood when the trees, houses and sidewalks are covered with snow.  I will listen to the sound of my breath.  I will feel the cold on my cheeks.  I will try to be quiet and see if I can hear the voice of God whispering in my heart.

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