Thursday, January 28, 2010

Time out for a quick rant

Oh, Rant.  My dear friend, how I have missed you.  I'm so glad that we get to spend a few moments together today.

Here are a few things I've encountered recently that have me whirling a bit:

1.  If your business is help people to get fit using your fitness equipment (ie, you are a gym), make sure that your equipment is regularly maintained so that 20% of your treadmills and 1/2 of your stationary bikes aren't down during the busiest fitness month of the year.

2.  If your business is to sell chicken and it's dinner time, have some chicken ready.  I understand not wanting to make too much, but 4 cars should not have a 15+ minute wait for "fast food" chicken.

3.  A personal message to Jay Leno:  If you say you are leaving late night television, leave late night television.  If Johnny Carson had pulled the same stunt you've pulled YOU never would have made it on the Tonight Show for 18 years. I was a big fan of yours for a long time, but you should have gone out when you were on top and not soiled your name this way.  Oh, and NBC:  it's no wonder you're the 4th place network.  Ah, how I miss the days of Thursday Night Must See TV with Friends and Seinfeld. feels so good to get that off of my chest.


Anonymous said...

"Fast food" chicken--I've been in that line!
Thursday Night Must See TV--those were the days!

indystacey said...

Team Coco!

I never thought Jay was very funny, but I thought he was a nice guy. Then he screwed over Dave Letterman, and now he's done it again.

African American Mom said...

Thursday Night Must See TV! I loved it!


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